Link Rodeo: Sunday Night Edition

A roundup of some interesting bike-related stuff I’ve stumbled across when I should have been doing work today.

  • Oregon legislators come up with brilliant idea to get people out of polluting, inefficient cars and onto environmentally-friendly bicycles: require every rider to pay a steep licensing fee every two years! This also just in: Oregon bicyclists have surrounded the capitol with pitchforks. [via KTVZ.com]
  • Proof that Midwesterners are both forward-looking and terrible with calendars: Minneapolis gets a $1.75m grant from the Feds to jump start the nation’s largest bike-share program. Operation could begin by late 2009, which makes sense, as Minneapolis winters are a natural fit for bicycling. [via Fox 9; Nice Ride Minnesota]
  • Team Astana (and by extension, Lance) is officially in for the Tour of Missouri. Aside from the fact that it’s in Missouri, it should shape up to be a good race (to any Missourites reading, relax, that was a joke – the race will likely stink). [Tour of Missouri]
  • Luis Leon Sanchez tops 2007 winner Alberto Contador in this year’s Paris-Nice cycling race. A big win for Sanchez, whose resume also includes a victory at 2005’s Tour Down Under — must…resist…double…entendres. [via Velonews]

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