Ground Control to Ivan Basso: Your Rocket is Here

Cannondale's Slice Hi-Mod Ultimate 00

Cannondale's Slice Hi-Mod Ultimate 00

I’ve always been a fan of Italian racer Ivan Basso and Cannondale road bikes, so when he signed a 2-year contract with Liquigas in 2008 (after being jettisoned from Team Discovery), I knew there’d eventually be some sweet goods to show for it. Cyclingnews.com has a comprehensive first peek at the bike Basso will be riding in time trials with Liquigas, his customized Cannondale Slice Hi-Mod.

Interestingly enough, neither Cannondale nor Basso have been particularly known for their TT accumen. As article author James Huang accurately points out, Cannondale laged behind the other major builders in offering an all-carbon TT bike, and Ivan Basso became one of cycling’s biggest names because of his gutsy performances in the Alps of 2005’s Tour de France and 2006’s Giro d’Italia, not for his time trial skills (although wind tunnel training at MIT with then teammate, Carlos Sastre certainly didn’t hurt).

And to be honest, who knows if that will change with this new pairing — James Huang reports that Basso’s ride is a bit beefier than the stock Slice models due to some key modifications, and Basso has already been forced to withdrawal from a race this year after an accident preparing for a TT stage in the Tour of California. But, in fairness, I dig me some Cannondale and Basso should be itching to prove himself in his first full season since his suspension over “attempted doping,” however you do that. The true test of this machine will really come in May’s Giro d’Italia, where Basso will fight for his second career pink jersey (which non-bikers may be surprised to hear is a good thing).

Don’t feel like reading right now? Watch it in action at the Tour of California (note: not Ivan riding. double note: terrible clip setup ahead).

[“Slippery Green Machine” – Cyclingnews.com]


2 Responses to “Ground Control to Ivan Basso: Your Rocket is Here”

  1. 1 james
    March 19, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    I’ve always been a big fan of Ivan’s sister…

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