Link Rodeo: Recession Edition

A few links for those of us feeling frugal today.

  • More Pulitzer-winning journalism, courtesy of the old grey lady: New York Times declares bicycle ownership a “comparative bargain” to car ownership. They estimate the annual cost of bike ownership in NYC to be $390, including $60 for the bike itself. I’ve never bought a bike for $60, but it’s possible that I just don’t know enough crackheads. [via NYT Wheels blog]
  • For the hipster on a budget, Republic Bike is offering the Aristotle V1 Singlespeed for only $344 plus shipping. A flip-flop hub lets you decide if you’re in the mood to coast or not, and the Sugino crankset looks pretty robust. Despite the Model T vibe, the Aristotle’s color scheme is completely customizable. (thanks, Nick!) [Republic Bike]
  • Training time is here, but a cadence computer can cost a lot of cash. This is an older post from Instructables, but the info remains evergreen: with a few hacks and dollar store components, you can transform an inexpensive cycling computer into a handy cadence counter. [via Instructables]
  • Don’t feel like building anything? Bicycling has quick roundup of decent biking upgrades for under $100. [via Bicycling]

2 Responses to “Link Rodeo: Recession Edition”

  1. 1 Nick
    March 20, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    I’d be interested to see one of those Republics up close. How about a 2 cycle engine that will propel your bike up to 30 mph? You don’t even have to pedal. It’s yours for only 119.00 plus 3o for shipping from china, oh and you have to figure out how to install it yourself.

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