Apparently there was a race?

The 100th Edition Of Milan-Sanremo Cycle Race
Like some spring classic or something? And there was an exciting, literal photo finish? Well, no one cares, except the Italians — Lance did okay and didn’t pull anything, so it’s a win for Uncle Sam. The AP reports that “Armstrong did not stop to talk with reporters at the finish, but he posted a few comments on his Twitter feed,” which is apparently now how the world conducts business; we go to the source:

lancearmstrong Done with Milan San Remo. What a race! Fast, crazy, but great. My legs felt good. bad position at start of the Cipressa so my day was done.

For some reason, his tweet neglects to mention that he came in 125th — 125th! Come on Lance, we know you’re just looking at this as a 6-hour training ride, but take some pride in your work! You’re better than that.

Next up is the 5-day Castilla y León, which incidentally would be a great name for an indie band.

[Cavendish Wins Milan-San Remo – VeloNews]


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