Link Rodeo: Don’t Die Edition

A small collection of links dedicated to not getting killed while prolonging your life through exercise.

  • An Iowa lawmaker has said that the Senate-approved Bike Safety bill is unlikely to become law this year, which included more protections for bikers and harsher penalties for hitting cyclists. “Some Iowans have told lawmakers they’re not enthusiastic about cyclists having more freedoms,” said Rep. Doris Kelly, referring to the state’s powerful redneck lobby, which actually pushed for a $100 bounty on each cyclist killed (no limit in season). [via DSM]
  • It’s springtime, which means shaking off the rust and getting back on those roads. More importantly, it means drivers have to remember how to act around us. “How Not to Get Hit by Cars” provides us ten common scenarios and ten easy ways (with diagrams!) to avoid becoming part of the next Red Asphalt installment. [via BicycleSafe.com]
  • America’s favorite morning host, Matt Lauer was raped brutally assaulted by a rogue deer while cycling in Long Island over the weekend. Despite separating his shoulder and requiring surgery, Lauer should be back to the Today show by the end of the week; coincidentally, Al Roker was reportedly overheard yelling “You told me it would look like an accident!” into his cellphone. [via Newsday.com]

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