My Rides: The Workhorse


2007 Trek 7.3 FX

The best part of Cribs was always getting to see the whips in the driveway, and so I figured I could spend a little time showing off my illustrious rides. What they lack in bling, they make up in heart –they’ve proven themselves to be steady, reliable companions over the years, and it’s only appropriate to give them a little interweb love.

The first one on display is my go-to bike, a 2007 Trek 7.3 FX. Now, I should probably begin with some disclosure, although this blog isn’t intended to be a beacon of of objective journalism, anyway: I have been a Trek fan since my tweens, when I somehow decided that a (deep) purple Trek cross bike was just what the ladies wanted. Long story short, the ladies didn’t materialize, but it gave me plenty of time to appreciate the beauty of indexed shifting and a lightweight cromoly frame. It also gave me some prolonged road time, which helped me appreciate the brand’s hardy disposition.

Did I mention it’s an American company? That doesnt need a bailout? Who says we don’t build things anymore?

My fx is the workhorse of my (admittedly dilapidated) cycling group. It’s currently the bike for heading to the library for the hottest new DVD rentals (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!) or to the local watering hole to drown another Cubs loss. It’s easy to ride with three big chains up front, a more upright riding position and “urban” tires, but it still retains some fairly sporty design choices. The body geometry is fairly compact and aggressive, placing your ass relatively far over the back wheel, which provides more braking power and traction, especially on the descents. The Bontrager components do the job without being hefty, and the Shimano component group keeps everything working smoothly. In the few years I’ve owned it, it’s remained a no-nonsense ride that does the job without complaints.

And the best part? I left Hall’s — a small shop located in downtown Cedar Rapids and highly recommended — with my FX for under five benjis (bought off-season). Beat that, Chris Brown.

[Trek FX series — Trekbikes.com]


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