Racing Weekend in IC (which means rain)!

Old Capitol Crit course

Old Capitol Crit course

This weekend should promise to be a fun one if you’re anywhere near Iowa City. The annual Iowa City Road Race and Old Capital Criterium will be held this weekend — road race on Saturday; a full day of crit racing on Sunday — which of course means scattered thunderstorms and wind forecast. But if the clouds can keep their shit together, another crop of cyclists will take their shot at (continually) sumitting the brutal Jefferson St. hill on Sunday, which, according to the elevation charts for the race, tops out at a inappropriate leg-searing 69 feet of climb.

Seriously though, the Criterium is based around a fairly challenging 1-km loop, with riders dropping down a steep Washington Street, and making a fast turn past the Iowa Memorial Union on Madison before flying back up a short but equally-steep Jefferson.  If you’re in the mood to see lots of Cat 4 and 5 riders on the ground, you’ll want to position yourself right at the bottom of Washington first thing in the morning (have the meat wagon handy). If you can stick around for a bit, the Chris Lillig Memorial Cup feature race is at 3:30 and should be damn tasty.

Speaking of tasty, weather willing, I’ll either be in front of the Union or hiding inside Zmerick’s Noodle Cafe stuffing my face carb loading. You should say hi.

[Old Capitol Crit]


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