Apparently God is a Local Cycling Fan


Okay, okay — I’m a big enough man to admit when I was wrong, and my pessimistic declaration that Sunday’s Old Capitol Criterium in downtown Iowa City was as good as washed out was flat wrong. The clouds behaved over Southern Iowa (even as Cedar Rapids and Waterloo to the north were getting shit hammered with hail and 2-3 inches of rain), and although it was a little windier than many riders may have liked, Sunday turned out to be a great day of racing. The fairly compact 1-km loop in downtown Iowa City provided spectators plenty of opportunities to see the race from every conceivable angle, and gave you plenty of room to escape the insufferable announcers stationed at the finish line (if you’re reading this, DO NOT PICK OUT RIDERS TO CHEER ON DURING A RACE, EVEN IF THEY’RE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. See also: objective reportage).

A few photos and results after the jump.

The men's Cat 4 race, down the Dubuque St. stretch

The Men's Cat 4 race, down the Dubuque St. stretch

I arrived around 11 am to see the Men’s Cat 4 race flying down the Dubuque St. stretch, which was one of the few places on the course where riders could really attack (it comes off a series of turns and leads into the final stretch). You’ll also notice the Dublin Underground in the upper lefthand corner of the photo, which should be noted as one of Iowa City’s finest drinking establishments — after George’s, and the Foxhead, of course. And Deadwood.

Men’s 4 Results:
1 – Wince, Richard – Rasmussen Death Squad 5000 – Rasmussen Death Squad 5000
3 – Buntz, Andrew – University of Iowa
4 – knutson, dylan – St Paul Bicycle Racing Club – Bianchi/Grand Performance
5 – Lambi, Chad – Unattached

Women's 1/2/3 climbs Jefferson St.

Women's 1/2/3 climbs Jefferson St.

After the Men’s 4 race, the Women’s 1/2/3 race got underway at noon. Covering a fast 20 laps, the Women’s race was a lot of fun to watch — the Kenda team in particular did a great job of controlling controlled the pace from the start (you can see three of them in the green jerseys at the front of the pack), even when climbing the deceptive Jefferson St. hill. Kim Eppen with the Iowa City Cycling Club (first blue jersey from the left) did a great job of battling with Team Kenda the whole race but eventually took third.

Women’s 1/2/3  Results:
1 – Wentworth, Kristin – Team Kenda
2 – Walberg, Catherine – Team Kenda
3 – Eppen, Kim – Iowa City Cycling Club
4 – Kislia, Jill –
5 – Meshberg, Kristen – Tintawin Racing – BH USA

A gorgeous, topless Audi TT

A gorgeous, topless Audi TT

As the kid’s races took flight (minus the Washington St. drops or the Jefferson St. climb, which would have been a lot more fun to watch), we spent a few minutes salivating over the beautiful Audi TT that was setting the pace. Sweet mother.

The Masters fly down Washington St

The Masters fly down Washington St.

The Masters races proved that cyclists only get better with age — while the photo doesn’t really do it justice, these guys took the turn at the bottom of the Washington St. hill with unbelievable speed. There were several cracks and crevices in the pavement that looked for sure like they would buck anyone daring to come too close, but these riders fly over them without a second thought. There was the sound of rattling drivetrains, but no wipeouts. Someone said that it looked like they were “floating” around the corner, and I cannot think of a better description. The sharp Washington St. turn led onto Madison St. straightaway, which runs in front of Iowa Memorial Union, and was one of the other primary attack points on the course. Both Masters groups raced together, but were placed in their separate divisions.

Winners of the Masters 50+ race

Winners of the Masters 50+ race; Charles, middle, really wanted to hold hands

Masters 40-49 Results:
1 – Dickey, Duane – Iowa City Cycling Club
2 – Priebe, Clark – Unattached
3 – Cochran, Jim – Atlas
4 – Moraniec, Dominic – Atlas EcoLips Cycling Team – Atlas Cycling
5 – Thompson, Tracy – Bikes To You / World of Bikes

Masters 50+ Results:
1 – Townsend, Charles – St Paul Bicycle Racing Club – Bianchi/Grand Performance
2 – Eastburn, Chris –
3 – Harper, Gregory – Melon City Bike Club Inc. – Harper’s Cycling & Fitness
5 – West, Kim – All9Yards.com Cycling Team

Men's Cat 3 race, turning from Clinton to Iowa
Men’s Cat 3 race, turning from Clinton to Iowa

Perhaps it was because I was falling asleep from the overstuffed Panchero’s burrito I had for lunch or because the temperature was peaking out at about 88, but I wasn’t too enthralled with the Cat 3 race, which was the final appetizer before the feature race of the day, the Chris Lillig Memorial Cup. Here’s the results, but I’ll be damned if I remember what happened. Apparently I was still taking photos at this point – above you can see a good shot of the peloton heading into Iowa St. turn, fresh off the Jefferson St. climb.

Men’s Cat 3 Results:
1 – Cassaday, Derek – Double I Cycling Experience (DICE)
2 – Gorry, Aspen – Team Get A Grip Cycles
3 – Kealey, Brendan – Iowa City Cycling Club – Mercy-Specialized
4 – LaForce, Ben – Team Get A Grip Cycles
5 – Jacobsen, Ryan – Atlas EcoLips Cycling Team – Atlas Cycling

The Chris Lillig Memorial Cup, went off without a hitch at 3:30, although the clouds began getting ominously dark during the last 10 laps. The top two winners, both sporting bright red Trek jerseys, held down the lead for most of the race after breaking away from another group. The Massive Marbles trophy goes to 3rd place finisher Steve Scholzen, who found himself caught between the lead breakaway and another group ahead of the peloton and hammered out the last half of the race by himself, even with some sizable cross and headwinds. (to be fair, he did have the support of the announcers who wanted us all to know GO STEVE, YOU CAN DO IT, STEVE!!!).

Men’s Pro/1/2 Results:
1 – Tilford, Stephen – Trek
2 – Jensen, Brian – Heartland Road Racing Club – Tradewind Energy Cycling Team P/b Trek
3 – Scholzen, Steve – Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
4 – Coil, Nicholas – Unattached
5 – Walker, Sean – Bikes To You / World of Bikes

[Old Capitol Crit Results]


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