Andy Always Has Cool Bikes

I think everyone has that friend who always has the coolest bikes. And I’m not talking cool as in the latest carbon fiber frame or the newest Shimano groupo; I’m talking about those bikes that have a vibe all of their own, that seem to compliment the owner’s personality and their idiosyncrasies perfectly while standing out in the crowd. They usually have few or no gears, they are usually vintage/retro styled, and they are the perfect wheels for a lazy ride to the Deadwood for a pint of Leine Red.

My friend is Andy, he always has cool bikes, and it absolutely slays me.

[pictures after the jump]

The Explorer - Schwinn Sierra

The Explorer - Schwinn Sierra

I came home the other day to find this tasty ride chained to my gas meter, and was inspired enough to snap a handful of iPhone shots. If you knew Andy, you would have no problem imagining him riding this bike across the Continential Divide or through the jungles of Panama, loaded down with gear and blazing trails on those beefy tires.

The Joyride

The Joyride, enjoying the Old Capitol Crit

When it’s time to kick back, this bronzed beauty will get you there in style. I know that a single-speed cruiser isn’t really a rarity in a hipster-run college town like Iowa City, but I’ve always found the double top tube design to be particularly unique in a flowing, Art Nouveau sort of way. And of course, that means that he found this in a dumpster somehwere. Bastard! (just kidding, Andy. You’re okay.)

[5 Cool Cargo Bikes — Treehugger]


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