Link Rodeo: The Pre-Giro Miscellany

I’ve been maintaining a pretty hectic schedule as of late, and I’m trying to put together some good pre-Giro links in preparation for the race’s start on Saturday, but I also have heard that there are, believe it or not, a few people that enjoy wasting a few minutes a day here. So I thought I’d post a few links to keep you busy and interested (or at least not completely bored) until it’s time to clock out.

  • I don’t doubt that this is a good idea — I hate the feeling that comes when you get caught in the rain with a bike on your rear rack — and that it’s very popular among pros, as I originally discovered this off of Johan Bruyneel’s twitter feed (where he called the inventor, Dave Bolch, “a man of many talents” [??]). But they couldn’t think of a better name? [Chain Condom]
  • More news in the products that scream sex department: everyone’s favorite Team Columbia-High Road rider (settle down Cavendish fans) has FINALLY released his own line of premium denim, just in time for Frankie Andreu live reports from the Giro! [George] Hincapie Premium Denim promises to make your ass look great in or out of the saddle; could possibly also get you laid. Maybe. [Hincapie Premium Denim]
  • Summer’s close, which means its time for another ol’ fashioned American road trip. GOOD magazine has an interesting roundup of cities with burgeoning bike scenes (no Chitown???) so you can strap yours on the back of the car and find an impromptu polo match. [Thanks, Otis!] [Sorry, Portland — GOOD]
  • Speaking of doing a little traveling, there are lots of great biking destinations around the world, but I have yet to fit my ride into the overhead bin (and I’ll be damned if I’m giving United another $100).  The Old Grey Lady’s travel section has an interesting article about hotels around the world beginning to stock bikes for customers, which would be awesome in a city like Berlin or Amsterdam. I wonder if the Days Inn off the interstate will be offering this service soon? [Europe on Two Borrowed Wheels – NYT]
  • So my finance guy keeps telling me that investment is key, ESPECIALLY during a recession. It’s a buyers market, after all. I guess it’s easy to say when it’s not your money — right, Sean at Edward Jones??? Well, instead of buying more shares of some faceless corporation that will probably end up destroying the planet, I’ve decided to get into the exciting world of sports investment with one share in CrowdRiders, the world’s first community-owned cycling team. That’ll show him. [Crowdriders, via Bike World News]

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