Armstrong to Ride Communist Bike

Trek Madone, Fairey Edition


Just when you told yourself that you couldn’t stand any more of those Che-inspired, ARCH-SOCIALIST Obama posters, TERRORIST/ILLUSTRATOR Shepard Fairey strikes again! The only difference is that instead of working to elect PROVEN COMMUNIST Barack Obama to the highest office in the land, he has somehow convinced Lance Armstrong — capitalist/ubermensch/American hero — that his art is not SUBVERSIVE, WHICH IT IS.

I’m too sick to even discuss this new development, so I’ll just leave it to the RADICAL LEFTISTS in Trek’s marketing/PR department to explain the partnership between Fairey and Armstrong. I’ve taken the liberty of including a few clarifying notes in brackets:

As Lance Armstrong prepares for his first Grand Tour in nearly four years—the upcoming Giro d’Italia (May 9th-31st)—he’ll have two new bikes to ride as he races through the Italian countryside. The third and fourth bikes of the LIVESTRONGStages” art show—a Trek Madone and a Trek Equinox TTX—were recently unveiled by SuperTouchArt.com. The Madone, conceived by contemporary artist, graphic designer, and illustrator [read: TROTSKITE] Shepard Fairey, is, according to SuperTouch, “a vibrant homage to Lance’s cancer fighting foundation” that includes “ancient patterning in honor of Italy’s rich architectural [read: FASCIST] details.”

Apparently the plans are to auction the bikes in the fall, with the proceeds going to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation, but we all know “foundation” is code for THEY WILL BE GIVEN TO THE PROLETARIAT. William F. Buckley, Jr. is spinning in his grave.

[More photos and a video after the jump]

Profile of the Fairey Madone

A detail shot:

Close up

If you just can’t get enough of this bike COMMUNIST PLOT, here’s some propaganda of the Madone being produced by Trek sympathizer, Shane Siedschlag, courtesy of SuperArtTouch.com. Maybe my speakers were just crapping out — OR MAYBE IT’S A PREVIEW OF WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTHCARE — but it appears that there’s no audio on the nine-minute video, so you may want to set the video to your favorite tunes [likely epic Russian choral music].

Ride on, comrade!

[Armstrong Gets New Bikes for Giro – Trek Life]



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