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Dress Your Desktop in Team Astana Crotchshots


Just in case you were hoping for a new wallpaper to dress up your desktop before the Tour’s kickoff, you can thank Team Astana for their newest series of official Alberto Contador victory crotchshots. Download them all today and relive the Spaniard’s sculpted groin every time your computer boots up.

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Alberto Contador Will Win Tour, Make Love to You


6.28.09 (PINTO, MADRID) – There has been much confusion emanating from the international sporting press corps about the up coming 2009 Tour de France, and The Office of Alberto Contador Velasco (TOACV) would like very much an opportunity to set the record straight. Very simply, Alberto Contador, lead rider for UCI ProTeam Astana, will be the humble winner of the 96th running of the Tour de France, and will be accepting advanced congratulations and gifts at the address listed at the end of this release.

Contador has come off of a long season of training and preparations for this year’s Tour de France, and as leader of Team Astana, is excited to lead the other eight riders to victory on July 26th. Fresh off a Spanish national TT title, where he beat former Caisse d’Epargne rider (now TOACV staffer), Luis León Sánchez by 37 seconds, Contador is confident that he’ll be in the yellow jersey from the prologue — a short time trial in the streets of Monaco.

TOACV would also very much like to thank the American rider, Lance Armstrong, for his upcoming support of Contador through the Tour’s 21 stages, including 3 grueling mountain top finishes. Here is a picture taken in 2008 by the Telegraph of London, featuring Contador with Astana manager, Johan Bruyneel, and Armstrong.

the threesome

Armstrong will make a fantastic domestique and addition to Team Astana, and may even be strong enough to win a second or third podium position.

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Excuse Our Mess…

If you actually read this blog, you’ve probably noticed the look changing a bit. I’m just trying to find a WordPress theme I feel comfortable in. We’ll probably continue to experiment until something blows me away — if you have any preferences, please leave it in the comments.


Versus Network Really Wants You to Catch the Race

VS_LOGO_WHOLE2Versus has released their programming schedule for the Tour de France and, as has generally been true of years past, you’ll have to make a concerted effort to actually miss the race.

Much to the disappointment of hockey nuts and bull riding afficionados everywhere, Versus will turn into the Tour de France network come July 4th, with live coverage in the morning followed by race replays all day and extended primetime coverage in the evening — according to the network, it will average out to about 13 hours of Tour coverage each day… in HD, no less.

A sample day of coverage, taken from the official Versus television schedule:

Stage 13: Friday, July 17, 2009
Vittel – Colmar
8:30am to 11:30am: LIVE Daily Coverage
12:00pm to 2:00pm: Race Action Replay
2:30pm to 4:30pm: Race Action Replay
5:00pm to 7:00pm: Race Action Replay
8:00pm to 11:00pm: Expanded Primetime Coverage
12:00am to 3:00am: Race Action Replay

I don’t mean to complain, but really, Versus, how do you expect me to get any work done with a schedule like that?? At least the Cubs aren’t worth watching anymore, so that’ll free up a good 3 hours a day.

[Tour de France TV Schedule – Versus]


LightLane, You Are a Treat


This comes in at an opportune time. I had just watched Who Killed the Electric Car, and was contemplating a rambling, incoherent response of told-you-sos and policy arguments directed to the American people, dropped into the vast nothingness of the internet. I was feeling a little abused under the man (1,2), and was going to start demanding things to soothe my populist rage.

Forget cars altogether — I wanted millions of dollars directed towards improvements to our cities and infrastructure to make them more bike friendly. You know, bike lanes, trails and facilties — all stuff to encourage trips by bike; maybe a even a modest tax credit? And that probably also would involve some sort of public relations/hearts-and-minds campaign. But we’d get bikes on the road, and we’d watch in awe and giddy amazement as the pounds dropped off the American public and our lungs cleared up. We would transform ourselves!

And then I laughed for what must have been a good half hour — the audacity! But don’t give up just yet — LightLane gives users a personal traveling bike lane, so you can sidestep your local government altogether.

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The Countdown Begins: 10 Days to Le Tour


It’s officially ten days until the 96th Tour de France blasts off in Monaco, and things are strangely quiet. Even with national championships going on, there’s not much news hitting the wires; the best (and most cliche) way to describe it is as the calm before the storm. And you’d better believe it’s coming. The multitude of Lance-centric storylines in this year’s Tour (the “don’t-call-it-a” comeback, Lance vs. Levi vs. Alberto) will have every media outlet on the planet gushing over the stage results as if they actually watched it — have you ever seen cycling recaps on CNN, or the local news, for christ’s sake? Take this moment to mentally prepare yourself for all of the “So how’s Lance doing???” questions you’ll field in the next month.

Something to keep in mind: even a seven-time champion needs Lady Luck to win the Tour de France, and anything can happen over 2,000 miles (3,500 km) of racing. Lance will have his hands full dueling with longtime wingman Levi Leipheimer and ’07 champion Alberto Contador; meanwhile, strong contenders like defending champ Carlos Sastre and Denis Menchov will give the Texan a serious ride for his money. Expect fireworks, feuds and flameouts (not necessarily in that order). I wouldn’t count Sastre out of it.

I’ll be updating throughout the next ten days with a variety of pre-Tour stuff to get your appetite primed. Stay tuned.

[2009 Tour de France]


Bike Dreams: Yeti AS-R Alloy


A frank admission: I swore off mountain bikes years ago.

That may seem a tad severe, but I’ve had my heart broken, you see. I’ve spent a ton of money on mountain bikes, only to have them ganked or crippled (2.5 of them, so far) way before their time. And to be perfectly frank, we were never a good match. While I loved gliding over narrow singletrack with the forest whizzing past only inches away, every root and stump and rut seemed to leave me on my back, looking up at the canopy and wondering if I had finally managed to break something. Bunny hops, j-hops, wheelies, nose grabs, tyre spins and all other manner of dangerous sounding maneuvers perpetually eluded me on the trail (the common endo excluded). I looked absolutely ridiculous in the wild, and absolutely overdone in the city.

After my Gary Fisher’s fork was stolen — in broad daylight, no less — I promised myself that I would never go through the heartbreak again. Yeti’s AS-R Alloy proves just how easily we forget.

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