LightLane, You Are a Treat


This comes in at an opportune time. I had just watched Who Killed the Electric Car, and was contemplating a rambling, incoherent response of told-you-sos and policy arguments directed to the American people, dropped into the vast nothingness of the internet. I was feeling a little abused under the man (1,2), and was going to start demanding things to soothe my populist rage.

Forget cars altogether — I wanted millions of dollars directed towards improvements to our cities and infrastructure to make them more bike friendly. You know, bike lanes, trails and facilties — all stuff to encourage trips by bike; maybe a even a modest tax credit? And that probably also would involve some sort of public relations/hearts-and-minds campaign. But we’d get bikes on the road, and we’d watch in awe and giddy amazement as the pounds dropped off the American public and our lungs cleared up. We would transform ourselves!

And then I laughed for what must have been a good half hour — the audacity! But don’t give up just yet — LightLane gives users a personal traveling bike lane, so you can sidestep your local government altogether.

[photo and video after the jump]


Preliminary Design Specifications, as listed on LightLane’s website.

  • High Visibility DPSS Green Lasers
  • Super-Bright Red LED’s
  • 3-Hour Runtime on rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Robust universal attachment bracket
  • Compatible with universal mobile-phone charger standard
  • Patent Pending

And here’s some video of the LightLane in action.

It unfortunately doesn’t look like the laser includes the cool cycling graphic at the end of the lane, and that 3 hour runtime doesn’t sound like much fun, but the LightLane looks like a technologically brilliant way to give yourself a little more cushion at night, when you need it most. Screw you, zoning board! [thanks, Andy!]

[LightLane, via Gizmondo]


3 Responses to “LightLane, You Are a Treat”

  1. 1 britt
    June 25, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    It could happen!!! If your Sims could come to life, all the pounds of wobbly bits and viscid mucus rattled in the inevitable emphysemic lungs of our generation would dissipate into the clean city air. I have faith in YOU, Sir Adam. LightLanes…. What a treat 🙂 (I can hear the promo now)

  2. 3 britt
    June 25, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    No dig, I promise.

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