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RAGBRAI, Day 2: A Case of the Mondays


The first day of RAGBRAI saw fainting goats, kilts and a traveling bachelorette party (“Occasionally it gets in my face,” sayeth the almost-bride.) What’s next for day two — Miss Iowa playing a fiddle on the courthouse steps in a meager attempt to entertain the troops? Oh, really? Wow, that was a total shot in the dark.

[The Official RAGBRAI Site]


Excuse Our Mess…

If you actually read this blog, you’ve probably noticed the look changing a bit. I’m just trying to find a WordPress theme I feel comfortable in. We’ll probably continue to experiment until something blows me away — if you have any preferences, please leave it in the comments.


Denis Menchov: Cyclist. Giro Winner. Badass.

DenisMenchovEven though we spent our Saturday evening enjoying 40 ounce bottles of a peculiar malt liquor known simply as Laser [hint: watch the video to discover why you’ve always hated UFC], I somehow followed through with my drunken threats to wake at 7:30 in the morning to watch the final time trial of the Giro d’Italia live.

Although Denis Menchov of the Rabobank squad was widely expected to win the Giro after his continual leashing of 2nd place rider Danilo Di Luca in the last week of the race — whenever Di Luca attacked in an attempt to shave Menchov’s 20-second advantage, Menchov remained on his rear wheel like a tick on a dog — international sporting events rarely go down that smoothly. And although it’s very possible that it was the leftover pepperoni rolls or the malted barley remnants, I had a feeling in my stomach that Di Luca might get the last laugh. It was the same feeling I had before Super Bowl XLII (Giants/Pats) and before 2007’s NCAA Football title game smackdown (Gators/Buckeyes), so I assumed the Italian still had a chance.

And thatwill be the last time I underestimate the Russians.

[what happened after the jump]

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Carlos Versus the Volcano


What a crazy, up-and-down couple of weeks it has been for you, Carlos Sastre.

Despite being diagnosed with an incurable “brain cloud” by Dr. Ellison and having 5 months to live, you’ve finally found the huevos to quit that terrible bank job and ask Meg Ryan out.  You even won a big Stage 16 in the Giro d’Italia, kicking Ivan Basso’s ass up the side of Monte Petrano and launching yourself into a possible GC spot after weeks of anonymous safety in the peloton. Things were finally starting to look up.

But now you’ve really gone and done it, Carlos. You’ve pissed off the volcanic gods with your incredible win on Stage 19’s climb up the side of Mount Vesuvius, a dormant monster that buried Pompeii in 79 AD. They were totally pulling for Danilo Di Luca, and now you’re a marked man for making the Italian look like a fool trying to outrun Denis Menchov as you raced ahead.

So what now? Well, Lloyd Bridges wants to pay you to jump into the heart of the volcano inhabiting his island (Waponi Woo) for untold riches, while the natives want to throw you in for free. Meg Ryan is already screentesting for her next romantic comedy, and to top it off, you’re still not looking at a GC finish unless the top 3 eat pavement on the final time trial in the streets of Rome. What’s a Spaniard to do??

Perhaps at this point, it’s best to just remember the good times. While you’re deciding on whether to jump, we’ll be watching Beyond the Peloton, an incredibly well-produced HD documentary about the very first racing season of Cervélo TestTeam. And missing your smile, of course.

[Volcanic Victory for Sastre at the Giro – VeloNews]


So I Take It…

thanks for nothing, mother nature

thanks for nothing, mother nature

the Old Capitol Criterium is off? Looks like I’ll be watching Belgian race recaps on Versus this afternoon.

[Epic Cycle – Versus]