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On Going Fast

As I was combing through some of biking-related headlines the other day, I happened across Levi Leipheimer’s victory (over Astana teammate Alberto Contador) in the time trial stage of the Castilla y Leon. The course was a flat but windy 28.2 km (about 17.5 miles) stretch of road. Levi won the stage in 33:17, giving him an average speed of 50.8 kph — that’s 31.5 miles per hour.

Sweet Jesus that’s fast.

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Introductions, please?

Hello, and welcome to Bike Scene, a weblog about bicycling. My name is Adam Moore; I’m an underemployed writer who has had a longtime love affair with life on two wheels. While I’m not ensconced in the middle of some trendy NYC underground bike scene or obsessed with the European racing circuit, I have spent a lot of time on the bike, and I simply hope to comment on what living the bicycling lifestyle means to me.

So Cliff Notes summary: what does bicycling represent to me?

Although there are numerous reasons, my primary attraction to cycling lies in its implicit doctrine of self-reliance — the unspoken contract between yourself and your machine. While the world is unmeasurably opened to you on a bike — the Social Biking Blog estimates after some slick math that the bicycle is capable of 1,400 mpg — the number of people you can rely on is quickly reduced to one. You are the pilot, the navigator and the engine. It is the reason we stock up on tubes, patchkits and gel packets like they are canned goods or shotgun shells at the end of the world.

We are our only hope on a bike. And this harsh reality pushes you further each time, because you realize at one point or another that you are the only one standing in the way of your goals, and it hurts like hell to admit that you are the only reason they didn’t reach fruition.

I’m writing Bike Scene to explore some of these thoughts, but also to look at the wider culture of cycling. I have a lot of questions. What does it mean to be a cyclist? How does being on a bike change your view of the world? How does society view people like us, anyway? These are all big, grand questions that admittedly try to find the core of a constantly evolving sport, but it’s my hope that Bike Scene will give people interested in asking some of these questions a place to hang and muse.

One other thing: I’ll also admit that I’m also something of a gear nerd (I work as an editor for Premier Guitar magazine, which is dedicated to the world of guitars and amps), so I’ll probably try to provide some summary coverage of new products/news from the brands I enjoy and follow. Note that I’m not necessarily endorsing or supporting any product (unless it’s marked as a review); I’m only trying to share some of that excitement that comes with reading about, and subsequently dreaming of, a new frame or crankset.

Thanks for reading.

– Adam